Dedicated to all the Big Brothers & Big Sisters out there

7 07 2014

I feel very blessed ‘everyday’ that I get to create & capture special & important photographs with families & children.

Today I am celabrating & dedicated this blog to all the big brothers & sisters that I have been privileged to photograph in my career so far.

Without their help in the studio my job would be so much harder and a lot less fun. Not only are they fantastic little helpers with their little brothers & little sisters, they come up with great idea’s and they insipre me everytime so I want to thank them all because sometimes they can get a little lost in the mix when little brothers and sisters arrive on the scene.


(In this image below – Big sister Ava on the right was awesome is showing her younger sister Zara how to be calm & gentle with their newborn sister Mia.)



With children of all ages and adults that aren’t used to being in front of the camera it can be challenging at times. You don’t always get that money shot of everyone together as you had set out to get but with families there are so many special moments created between each other and with the help of big brothers &  big sisters we always get something extra special.


(Images below – Big sister Tiana was amazing with her three little brothers.  Protective, kind, firm & fun.  Lovely Tiana on her own)

ColourbyKristy Photography

Kids_ColourbyKristy Photography


The most important thing when I have kids of all ages in my studio is that they all have fun..:-) With a CAPTIAL F!!!! I want them to leave the shoot with the biggest buzz because they have had an experience that they normally wouldn’t have. The only rule in my studio is: “No rules just don’t hurt yourself”  Obviously there are rules, safety procedures & parents watching over their children but to empower a young child, especially an older brother or big sister with the knowledge that anything is possible & they have some control over the situation is a cool thing that creates a sense of trust, a sense of empowerment within themselves, a sense of responsibility which in turn creates a stream of endless possibilities for some fantastic photographs.

(Images below – Big sister Sienna was so great with little Lily. We must have told secrets 100 times and Sienna went along with it perfectly everytime.  Lovely big sister Sienna on her own)

01_ColourbyKristy Photography copy

08_ColourbyKristy Photography copy


(Image below – Big sister Bindi showing some love to little brother Jack & lovely Bindi on her own)




(Images Below – Big Brother Zac being the perfect gentleman to his little sister & Handsombe Jack on his own)

Colour by Kristy Photography

Tapai Family


(Images Below – Big brother Gordan being very gentle with his baby sister Mariah & handsome Gordan on his own)




(Images below – Big Brother Xavier & little sister Lily. Xavier always had was watching out for Lily & letting her jump all over him & handsome Xavier on his own)

09_ColourbyKristy Photography_Colour with Logo for Facebook

21_ColourbyKristy Photography_Colour with Logo for Facebook

Because every big brother & big sister is a super hero..


Kindest & Warmest Regards,

Kristy Robinson – Professional photographer

Colour by Kristy Photography










Meet Bindi, Dave, Grace & Jack

2 12 2013

This blog is very special to me because it features the dad were I am usually concerntrating more on women & children.

I had a wonderful studio family photo shoot with Bindi, Dave, Grace. & Jack.

When Bindi contacted me to do a family shoot she was a little worried about her hubby Dave because, lets face it, some men are not too crazy about being in front of the camera, especially on a Sunday morning when its a stunning day outside and there are 50 million other things to be doing.  I assured Bindi that Dave would be ok, that we would make him feel really at ease, it would be over before he knew what hit him and that he might even enjoy himself!.. In a shaky, slightly still unsure voice Bindi said ‘ok’.

We made the date, I booked the whole moring out in the studio for the family so they could relax, the kids could run around, Dave could relax with the kids & Bindi could sit back and have a beautiful hair & makeup done.

We talked about outfits for the shoot, what the kids would wear & bring, how stunning Bindi was going to feel & look, and how exciting it was going to be to make these beautiful photographs with the whole family that they will share with their loved ones and pass onto their kids to own in the future.  “Note to parents. It is so important that you exist in photographs with & for your children”

Shoot day comes, everyone arrives, I fall instantly in love with these little munchkins Grace & Jack, Dave has a man flu but is putting up a very brave face & Bindi is the lovest woman on the planet (She has a Clinic called Cronulla Skin Fitness, Shop 2, 11-13 Ocean Grove Avenue, Cronulla. Go & see her for a facial or treatment) Everyone settles in, we look at outfits & Bindi get set for lovely hair & makeup with Jenni Barilla Webb.  I can only imagine how hard it is for some mums to get a little pampering with young kids.

I start my family shoots with the kids & dad while mum is getting her hair & makeup done.  Dad rocked it!  Once we got started with the shoot, Dave was fantastic in helping me with the kids and as it turns out Dave is natural in front of the camera. Not so secretly, I think dad had quite a grand old time muching around with his kids & his wife on this special Sunday.

The thing I find with husbands and fathers is they want to be a part of the action, include them straight away & shoot quick, be yourself and be 100% focused on getting great images.

Anytime a dad comes to my studio for a family photo shoot, a couple shoot or any other shoot I am really happy that he has made the decision to exist in these important photographs with the special people in his life.

I hope to make photographs with this family every year until Grace & Jack are way into there hundreds..:-)

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Zac & Ari

2 08 2013

I did a family shoot with the lovely Tapai family.  I knew both parents Kerry & her husband Steve from years ago when they were playing in bands together and first falling in love.  I was so excited to see them again after many years and meet their lovely children Zac & Ari, their little dog Angel and their cat that wouldnt show its head around me (gotta love cats).  Kerry really wanted to do the shoot at their home where they could be in their own surroundings (score for me as well they have an orange tree out back which Kerry & Steve hooked me up with a big bag of chemical free yummy oranges to take home)  I felt so privileged that they chose me to create these special memories with them and Kerry & Steve instantly made me feel at home.  Zac was very excited to show me his martial arts moves & Ari was so excited to show me her wheel barrow full of oranges & her fav doll ever.  Just the loveliest family and great kids.. Zac was very mindful of his little sister and Ari throughout the shoot and Ari is just a darling even when little Angel their puppy was eating her hair at every chance.  Everything about this shoot reminded me of when I was a kid back in the 80’s, the big backyard, the trampoline, fruit trees, animals, dirt, grass & space to run around. In a world now that is full of apartments and flats it was so nice to see kids running a muck & playing instead of being cooped up in a small space with some kind of technology keeping them entertained, not that there is anything wrong with that, everything in moderation of course.  It was such a lovely experience for me  as I hope it was for the whole family & I hope to photograph them in their own environment for years to come.

Kerry, Steve and the kids haven’t shot in the studio togethers before so I have invited them to come along to my studio so they can have the that experience too.. I cant wait!

Location & studio sessions present themselves with a completely different set of challenges everytime.  Its always such a learning experience with both but I find that on location that if you are patient, you have your check list of shots together in your mind, you get the shots of everyone that makes mum happy and you genuinely enjoy the time with the kids (actually if you dont love kids and find them absolutely wonderful you are in the wrong profession) kids know when you are not present with them, let me give you the tip, but if you are then you will get the most awesome pics.

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Zac & his old fashion swagger & charm.

CBK KIDZ by Kristy - Introducing Zac

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Ari spreading love with her big red heart.

CBK KIDZ by Kristy - Introducing Ari

CBK BW KIDZ by Kristy – Zac busting a martial arts move

CBK KIDZ by Kristy - Zac busting a martial arts move

CBK BW KIDZ by Kristy – Ari & her fav doll ever.

CBK KIDZ by Kristy - Ari with her fav doll ever

CBK KIDZ by Kristy

31 07 2013

Meet the awesome Baxter/Brown kidz.. We had a such a fun photoshoot together. It was looking pretty grim there for a while because all the kids were sick and their poor mum Andrea got sick so we had to postpone the shoot for a couple of weeks much to the dismay of lovely Tiana 10 who had been so excited and could hardly wait for shoot day.  She had her cloths all ready to go & the boys had tried on their outfits and were all excited but they were still too sick to come but we got there in the end and I really take my hat off to Andrea and her partner Leo.. Not only do they have 4 kids under the age of 11, they both work really hard, Andrea has a successful Website business called LAB Web Design and Leo runs a fitness group with Frontier Fitness. They are both in their early 30’s and they have brought up 4 of the most well behaved & lovely respectful individual personalities that I have had the pleasure of photographing.  These kids were a dream to photograph.. They listened and did everything I asked them to do.. Can you believe it! Kody 3, Tai 5, Kyan 6 & Tiana 10 were a dream to work with & I truly cant wait to be around their awesomeness again in the future.  Mum did pretty good too..x

I used my 24-70 through out the shoot. My fav lighting set up of 2 continues flood lighting the white back drop with a big strobe soft box on about 1/16th power & my beloved ring flash when shooting on a black background.. love this family.

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Tiana 10

Beautiful Tiana 10

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Kyan 6

Handsombe Kyan 6

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Tai 5

Happening Little Man Tai 5

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing Kody 3

Lovely Kody 3

CBK KIDZ by Kristy – Introducing the Baxter/Brown Kids

CBK KIDZ by Kristy - The Awesome Baxter/Brown kids

Too much fun… They grow up so quick, these memories are so important thats why I love what I do so much and I get to share in creating these pictures with all of the people I am lucky enough to get Kristy

The lovely Erin

29 07 2013

I had the loveliest photoshoot with this lady Erin yersterday… what a sweetheart.  Erin was a little worried because she had never done a photoshoot before but once we got working Erin was a natural.  It was a bit of tough day for all of us girls.. With tears and broken body parts once again 3 woman banded together like only women can and & through, talking, humour, laughter, makeup & a camera we came together and to create beautiful images that Erin will look back on and feel so proud of herself at this time in her life & I am so happy to have been a part of that.

It was hard to decide whether to do this image in colour or bw but I just love the glamour and the classiness (if there is such a word) of the black & white & I think Erin looks beautiful dont you..:-)

The lovely Erin

Best Friends

17 07 2013

I wanted to share a picture of my best friend from a shoot we did together which included lots of food, a lot of yelling from me & heaps of laughing.  This lady Rowena has been in my life through thick & thin.  She is a mother of a beautiful young girl who is growing up at rapid speeds, She is a life partner to a man that she stands by and loves with all her heart (She is not married) but they love each other just as much if not more. She is a space cadet and a little bit strange which I just love, and she is the most real woman I have every know. We talk about everything & trust me you would not want to know about some of the things we talk about Oh No Sir ree.  But I have to say I really enjoyed being able to give back gratitude to her the best way I know how, by showing her how awesomely beautiful she is at 42.. We have watched each other grow & age before our eyes and I just think she is one cool, very strong and little insane lady..  Its always interesting photographing a friend from a client in that nothing changes in the way I direct but friends take a little longer to trust that you will capture them at their best.  I have to say it wasn’t too hard at all.  Row is all woman, passionate, a little sweet and a lot of sexy, yet still with enough vanity to ask me why I didn’t fix her beofre shot up more!..haha.(the before and after images are on my facebook)..

I didnt do too much to this image at all. A little cloning, a little colourising and I shot it through a beauty dish which I just love.. What a smile hey!..:-)

Rowena for Blog facebook

Inspirational Tuesday with Sue Bryce – ColourByKristy Photography

16 07 2013

As this is my first blog ever I am so happy to be able to say I have met my most favorite photographer on the planet.  The lovely Sue Bryce..:-)  I was thinking in my mind that I was going to walk up to her all cooler than cool & have this awsome smart witty conversation after listening to her give 3 solid hours of valuable information without a falter, not one um, one like or any break in her delievery, but no, instead of this inspired woman to woman flowing world changing conversation I dreamed up, I mumbled a few words while we walked to the loo, I gave her a small gift in gratitude for her awesomeness and she turned off into the loo because she was busting to go.  I promptIy went home and slept because of all the profound uh-ha moments I was having through the talk.  Very cool lady & yes I cried.. (I know embarrasing right) but I strongly recommend that if you love photography & cutting through your crap in your head & business you must see Sue talk live if you get the chance.  So thank you lovely Sue Bryce for Rocking my world & in honour of Sue Bryce Tuesday which it will be forever known, I want to share this lovely image of a young 14 year old beautiful young lady named Mickaela.. Michaela is very bright student & a credit to her parents.  I just loved having her in my studio.  My heart feels so much hope for our future when I see a girl that is funny, smart, talented, Happy & well adjusted on every level. Mickaela is a commited to her studies at the moment and says she has no time for boys at the mo.  Gotta love it right! Mickaela is a singer/songwriter who is interested in doing some acting work but for now that all has to wait because she is focusing soley on her studies.. All I have to say is what a lovely young lady & I cant wait to share her images with her, her mum, her Aunty Jenni who did her beautiful hair & make up and her nanna.. Yes we got some awesome shots for nanna.. Have a wonderful Tuesday night everyone & I am so excited to be an official blogger where I get to share with you’all..  (p.s I will forever apologise for my bad grammar & bad punctuation & bad spelling) I suck at all of the above but I do love to write & share so I hope you can excuse those little things..:-) Thank you for sharing.. Kristy